The approach of using a single business management solution to manage all your business systems is a sure-fire way of achieving and maintaining an optimized environment for finance, supply chain management, distribution, manufacturing, bookings and operations. That’s why you need Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

With Dynamics NAV, you can expect that it’s adaptable, agile, and customizable a must for any business looking to focus on increasing profitability and operational efficiencies.

Why Should You Use It?

A proven business management solution

Join more then 10,000 businesses worldwide using Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A solution that will not only help your business grow with minimal costs, but future proof and transform your way of working which gives you time back and leads to increases in profitability and productivity.

Why you need it
  • Supports your business growth.
  • Drives your business forward.
  • Reduces risks.
  • Transforms the way you work.
  • Works the way you do.
  • Helps your people work better, faster and smarter.


If you are a budding small or medium sized business you may be outgrowing your current method of accounting, be it spreadsheets or entry level software.

If this resonates with you it might be time to look for an alternative solution. Here are some of the benefits of NAV:

Save time

Staff will make the best use of their time working with automated, streamlined information from one central database which will increase productivity and reduce risk of error.

Do more with less

With mundane tasks replaced by automated processes, fewer people will be able to look after more. This helps you to grow your business volume, without a related growth in head count.

Future-proof your business

Microsoft ensures they are keeping ahead of the game with latest technologies that also integrate seamlessly with popular office software. This offers you the assurance that your system will grow effortlessly with your business.

No more spreadsheets

By having your data in one central system, real-time joined up data is easy to find eliminating the time consuming task of maintaining and searching for information across multiple spreadsheets and systems.

Departments working from one system

Geographically fragmented teams will be able to work together and collaborate on documents, ideas, proposals and issue resolutions at the same time.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is multi-language, multi-currency business management solution that helps more than 10,000 companies manage their accounting and finances, supply chain, operations and more. Start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your business needs change.

To learn how dynamic Microsoft Dynamics NAV actually is, simply contact for more information.